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This right here is mothafuckin story of 9gang
Before they met each of them has the dream to find a fame in his life. They borned in Russia, three of them and desteny made the trick, they come to Greece and met each other. Dreik arrived in Greece in year 2000, then he met Tiger and they started to think how they can be a famous, they loves rap so they desided to be a rappers they wanted to make theyr own band but they was only two persons and they didn't know the right name for band, 1 year later Dreik met Jam in his school who've been alraidy a rapper. When Dreik learned about it he smiled and said to Jam "Hey I'm rapper too and I realy want be famous, you should meet my homie Tiger, with him we want make our own band, maybe three of us we can do something about it."
So Jam met Tiger they has conversation about what they can do about theyr dream, cuz Jam has the same dream. They came to agree, they said that for start they must make one DEMO and then original CD.
Jam said "Tiger my man I belive we can make it but first we should make a name for team" Tiger said:"OK" And they started to think the name.
After 2 weeks they came to agree, they called the band "9Gang". That was such a brave name. This name liked other people...
So they started hard work and the result was a first track of 9Gang "Fightgangsta" they was so happy at last the work has been started, few weeks later the made theyr second track "9Gang" and 1 month later third track "White RaP" and they worked hard, but they made one break 3months they needed to get some rest all the summer they went to beaches wit many bitches.
But in October 2003 came the new times.
Guys said: "it's time to kick some asses!"
And they started rapp wit one small concert in some place they were cool. 9Gang rappin' for fun, not for theyr fame...but money's don't hit anybody, and now they have plan to make some videoclips and some new tracks... and in November they want make new show...